Hispanic GOP

In 2014, Honorable Sean D. Reyes was elected Utah’s 21st Attorney General by one of the largest margins nationwide. In less than three years under Reyes’ leadership, the Utah AG Office was named finalist for the 2015 Utah Ethical Leadership Award by the highly acclaimed Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative program. In 2016 for the second consecutive year, the Utah Attorney General’s office won four Best of State awards for state elected official, agency among other honors. Appointed by Congress and the President of the United States, Reyes conducted public hearings throughout the country to advise the Administration and Congress on Latino issues, and is an active surrogate for the RNC’s Asian American Pacific Islander outreach program. Having prosecuted the notorious human/child sex trafficker Victor Rax in Utah in early 2014, Reyes participated in an undercover sting in Colombia in October 2014 with the non-profit anti-trafficking group Operation Underground Railroad, where he and a team comprised of several ex-military, special ops and civilian supporters rescue over 120 young girls form cartel members. Today, eradicating trafficking in Utah remains a priority for the Reyes administration along with other policy initiatives including prosecuting violent and white collar crimes against the most vulnerable in our society. The son of a Spanish-Filipino immigrant father, who fled the Marcos regime and a Japanese-Hawaiian mother, AG Reyes is Utah’s first minority elected statewide. General Reyes and his wife are the proud parents of six children.
The San Benito Republicans are home for Hispanics in our county. We are a community which listens to concerns and sharing our values and ideas.

Hispanic Republicans have made a commitment to take our message of opportunity and freedom to each and every citizen.

We’re focused on building a year-round, permanent engagement effort, throughout the country, built to outlast any one candidate or election cycle. Join GOP Hispanics and help us restore the principles and ideas that made America the greatest country in the history of the world.