Author: nathan

Why the Right is Right

This is a great video if you are, or are not yet a conservative. If you are, then you need to know why you are right. If you are thinking about becoming a conservative, this video will help explain the values that might relate to you. Let us help answer any more of your questions…

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Why I Left the Left

We found this great video from Dave Rubin, he hosts a radio show called “The Rubin Report.” Some may not know this but Dave Rubin used to be a huge progressive. Dave even had a show with The Young Turks. This video was produced by Prager University and provides awesome insight to how the left…

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Letter from the Chairman

Now, on with the report. In October, weeks before our nation’s most historic election, myself and the Republicans attended our annual county fair bringing the message of “UNITY” This message carried us through as the republican party through the final weeks. In addition to electing a majority republican congress and republican president I’m excited to…

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