2018 Candidates

Official San Benito Endorsed State Office Candidates:

Mark P. Meuser – Secretary of State
From a young age, Mark was an entrepreneur. At age 12, he would pick cherries in the morning and then have a street-side cherry stand. By age 15 he was in a management position at a local restaurant. As an attorney, Meuser won a major victory against United Airlines.
Judge Steven Bailey – Attorney General
After practicing Criminal Law for almost 18 years, Steven was elected to the California Superior
Court in 2008. Steven Bailey has presided over the most complex legal matters including domestic violence, mental health disorders, human trafficking, elder abuse, juvenile criminal and dependency cases.
Full List of State Office Endorsed Candidates:

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Official San Benito Endorsed LOCAL Office Candidates:

While our official endorsement process has not officially begun, we encourage qualified candidates to contact the San Benito Republican party and join us the 4th Thursday of Every Month for the Republican Central Committee Meeting at the Veteran’s Hall at 7pm.

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