Letter from the Chairman

Now, on with the report. In October, weeks before our nation’s most historic election, myself and the Republicans attended our annual county fair bringing the message of “UNITY”

This message carried us through as the republican party through the final weeks. In addition to electing a majority republican congress and republican president I’m excited to share Hollister has also re-elected our republican mayor, Ignacio Velasquez, and two more republicans to our School Boards! It is a good time to be a republican in our county. But our work must not stop here!

During our campaigning for our many wonderful candidates, I held the flag for our president-elect. Every day I would stand on the side of highway 25 with a life-size stand-up of our president-elect, spreading the positive message to “VOTE.” I quickly learned that not everyone was as tolerant of others opinions. After several thousands of dollars of damage to my personal property, and personal attacks by protesters, and harassment of my 2 school-age daughters I continued to be undeterred with our republican vision to bring unity.

Full News Report – (Video KSBW 8)